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Clois Is My Fairytale

Let's see, I'm a comic obsessed fan-girl. People have asked me before; Batman or Superman. I say don't let me pick between the ying and yang of my life.

But I would have to say that my spirit animal is LOIS LANE. I'M A HUGE LOIS FAN!
I do have to admit that I HAVE THE HUGEST CRUSH ON SUPERMAN! He is definitely one hell of a man. Team CLOIS 110%! I think Lois Lane and Superman were made for each other. They are soul-mates and one of my very first ships, and OTPs. There is a lot of love for this iconic couple. They are, to me, two halves and without each other they can never be whole, or complete. I think my Clois was personified in Tom Welling's Clark and Erica Durance's Lois. To me, they made me love and adore Clois. But as of now, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams, well, there was some hot chemistry there.
I also love, adore Power Rangers, and I ship Tommy and Kimberly, or Tomberly!
Some love me, some hate me. But they never ignore me.
I make artwork, I reblog cool stuff, I post even cooler stufff.
I also enjoy posting Vampire Diaries, Castle, Disney, and other random stuff.

Like I said, I am a huge shipper of Superman and Lois Lane or Clark Kent and Lois Lane, so yeah on this blog you will find a lot of #TeamClois posts.

My Obsessions:
Lois Lane
Man of Steel
Henry Cavill
Amy Adams
The Dark Knight movies
Hart of Dixie
James Bond
Power Rangers
Star Wars
Han Solo
Daniel Craig
Barbara Gordon
Kimberly Hart
Tommy Oliver
Sailor Moon
Bruce Timm's Animated World
DC Animated Universe
Young Justice
Birds of Prey
The Vampire Diaries
Movies based on comics
TV series based on comics
Games based on comics
A whole lotta comics
Girl Power
Rants about comics
Loves about comics
Did I mention Clois?

And that's all I can think of now... To be continued...
Aug 14 '13

Diana (Wonder Woman’s) reaction to her and Superman

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